Our new website

GNTV Blog Number 1 – 2nd April 2017. Click here: GNTV ABlog Number 1

Praise the Lord! At 12 Noon on Sunday 2nd April 2017, GNTV took another step on its journey in becoming a great internet TV broadcaster for Christ and the Church.

This new platform is better and more accessible in that it has its own dedicated website and access point. No longer do you have to access the station via Tropical FM TV. The home page is the screen just like turning on the tv. It has other features like the news page where you will find important information about the station and programmes we are developing.

If you are a minister, church, gospel singer or Christian writer why don’t you contact us I am sure we can help you get on air, promote your church, a book or your latest cd.

Thank you for watching, please continue to do so and do keep in touch.

Rev. Lloyd Denny DL

Editor – In Chief