Ewan Denny

Ewan Denny Profile

Ewan is a business and marketing expert by profession, and he runs his own consultancy firm in the UK, helping companies to develop their brands,
grow their businesses, and make more money.

He is also the Founder and International Director of Rhema Bible School (UK) which has over a dozen branches across Africa, India, and Pakistan.

Away from all that and to maintain balance in his life, Ewan is also a professional squash coach, teaching people how to play the world’s healthiest
sport, developing players, and improving their fitness and skills.

Ewan has appeared on radio and television all over the world and on other people’s shows, but now he has his own TV chat show.

Ewan Says

“Very often we see famous people on television or in the movies and we admire them but we don’t ever get the chance to find out how they became famous. How did they achieve what they have achieved? What obstacles or challenges did they have to overcome to get where they are? Well, my show will get into all that and more.

On other chat shows the celebrities just talk about their latest album or movie coming out, but with me, they will talk about their career and what they had to do to rise to the top. And it’s not just celebrities. We will have successful people from all walks of life, from business, politics, education, law, sports, religion, the entertainment industry, and so on, and they will share with us exactly how they made it. And in the process, you will learn the secrets their success. My show will not only be entertaining, but educational too.”

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