Join Apostle Lloyd Denny each Sunday at 11am & 6.30pm at: Fellowship House, 90 Dunstable Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, UK and at 4pm at the Pioneer Centre, Manchester Place, High Street North, Dunstable, LU6 1HT, UK.

RRF Luton Church is part of RRF International which is based in the UK with many branches in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria and India.

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Apostle Lloyd Denny, General Secretary of RRF International and senior minister at RRF Luton writes a very popular blog that is read all around the world. Click on link to read blog 

Apostle Lloyd Denny has written a number of books and teaching manuals on a variety of subjects such as faith, the ministry, parenting and most recently an updated edition of Christ message to the Seven Churches in the book of Revelation.

Books and Manuals by Lloyd Denny:

* God’s Amazing Grace.
* Binding the strongman.
* Making full proof of one’s ministry (a manual for
* Christian Rites of passage (a manual for
transitioning the believer to growth and maturity).
* Rites of passage in the 21st Century (a parent’s
manual for transitioning children into adulthood).
* Mentoring programme (user’s manual).
* Marriage programme (a manual on how to protect
the institution of marriage).
* Fellowship – what it is and isn’t? and much more.
* Water baptism according to the Bible and historical
* The Lord’s fast – a study of Isaiah chapter 58
* The phenomenon of faith
* Just 10 minutes a devotional for the newly converted

Copies can be obtained free of charge from the
church by contacting the church.

To help with the cost of printing and to support the
ministry please send a donation. You can do so via the donate page.